About Us

What is WALC?

Whiteman Area Leadership Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, is a coalition of elected officials from local communities, counties, and economic development entities as well as business and civic leaders from the entire region surrounding Whiteman Air Force Base.


Whiteman Area Leadership Council continuously works strategically to ensure the long-term viability of Whiteman Air Force Base as part of our National Security.


Whiteman Area Leadership Council envisions regional communities, citizens, governments, organizations, state and federal offices and agencies working together with Whiteman Air Force Base (WAFB) as strategic partners to make the region an even better place to live, work, learn, and play, while enhancing WAFB mission readiness, quality of life, sustainment, and growth.

WALC Essential Functions:
  • Focusing on purpose, people, process and product
  • Understanding the policy environment
  • Advocating for installation infrastructure, readiness, and quality of life
  • Encouraging ideas and innovations from a forward-thinking point of view
  • Keeping the message and strategy succinct, substantive, and sharp
  • Ensuring the viability of Whiteman for current and future missions
  • Enhancing the military advantage of Missouri
  • Strengthening the military strength of the United States of America

2022 WALC Board of Directors

PRESIDENT - Greg Frencken
VICE PRESIDENT - Dr. Jerrod Wheeler
SECRETARY - Randy Alewel
TREASURER - Kelvin Shaw

Director - Densil Allen
Director - Dr. Joanna Anderson

Director - Jessica Craig
Director - Herbert "Keith" Crumley
Director - David Dick
Director - Taylor Elwell

Director - Casey Lund
Director - Randy Russell
Director - David Pearce
Director - Joe Scallorns
Director - James Smith
Director - Suzanne Taylor

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