Thank you to the 2023 Whiteman Area Leadership Council partners:

Your financial contribution to WALC has had a significant impact in assisting WALC to represent our region at important functions and conferences, as well as meetings with influential leaders over the last year. WALC has used the information and knowledge gained from these interactions to reassess its mission, and strategic plan with the goal to position our organization and region to address the current and future needs of Whiteman Air Force Base (WAFB). We want to ensure WAFB remains a valuable element of our region for the foreseeable future. Your financial contribution is an affirmation that you too understand the critical nature of our mission and efforts to be empowered and engage in supporting WAFB!

Defend…Avenge! Whiteman’s Mission
A-10 Warthogs
The 509th Legacy – From 1944 to Today